A personal post: Baby girl on the way! (and now booking FALL sessions) Maternity Photos Austin TX

It's not often I write a personal post here, but this one most certainly relates closely to my business! We are expecting a little one due December 2nd of this year (!!!), and I am honestly just so beside myself with joy for her arrival. I dragged my mom and my camera out into the park a couple nights ago, and we had ourselves a little photoshoot to commemorate this 23rd week! 

This is my first pregnancy so I'm not too qualified to give advice just yet, but I was talking to a new boudoir client at her consultation the other day, about how she'd like a boudoir shoot before her and her husband conceive and her body changes forever, and that made me think. It may certainly be true that your body will change and those changes may be discouraging for a time, but I can honestly say that so far I am in complete awe of my pregnant body, and I have never felt more beautiful. Every day while I'm oiling up (doing my due diligence to avoid those stretch marks! Ha!), I honestly stare in wonder at my reflection in the mirror, and know I'll miss this version of myself that accommodates and safeguards a purest little life. Yes, my hips are widening, and yes, my nipples look funny, and yes, I'm itchy and already feel stretched to capacity by the end of three square meals every day (or more like 4-6 meals, who are we kidding), and yes, I know I'll only get bigger the next few months and will probably have more complaints along the way. But I want to encourage you ladies who aren't quite there yet to look forward with excitement for how your bodies will change and do what they're meant to, and encourage all of us to not look on this like a death sentence for your youth and beauty, but as a new journey into the great privilege of womanhood for those who choose or are able to embark on it. 

J. Noel Photography will be closed for maternity leave in November and December of this year (which is mighty inconvenient since that's a really busy season for holiday photos!), so if you'd like a photo shoot this coming fall, get on my calendar for September or October ASAP - I only have a few slots left already since fall is also my busiest season! There's a little more info here on pricing, and a contact page here to get in touch. Also stay tuned to our Facebook page and newsletter (sign up at the bottom of the page here) for an upcoming announcement on fall mini sessions!  

I'm booking a limited number of boudoir sessions in September and October as well, so if you'd like to give a boudoir gift for Christmas this year (hello, BEST GIFT EVER), consider getting on the calendar ASAP for that. I'd love to work with you before this little one arrives and rocks the boat for a while. ;)

Here's a handful more of my images... these fill my heart up with so much happiness. Thanks for stopping by to check them out!