Hi, I’m Jenni! I run this little operation, and I’m happy you’ve stopped by. :)

JNP was born in spring of 2012 in Austin, TX, and it’s been an exciting ride since. I started out as a recent college grad with a major in communication and a love for writing that led naturally to telling stories with photos, too. I’m humbly grateful to say I became one of the lucky ones with an opportunity to create a career out of work I truly love.

In 2015 my precious daughter Pippa was born, and everything changed. I came to feel most keenly the fleeting nature of our memories and moments, and this new understanding transformed my work. We can’t stop the march of time, but in photos we can evoke forgotten emotion and immortalize our memories. I believe photography is an investment that will continue to gain value over time, and I’m happy to be a part of that.

J Noel.jpg

A bit more about me…

Well, like most busy parents, I don’t have enough hours in my day to be quite as interesting or involved in my hobbies as I’d like, but I enjoy hot yoga as often as possible (it keeps me sane), quiet moments with a cup of hot tea or coffee, good books that make me feel something, and engaging conversations with new friends and old.

I love to be outdoors and travel whenever I can, I love a glass of red wine (or two), and I love good interior design. Fun fact: I have a Harry Potter spell tattooed in calligraphy on my right forearm (lumos, the spell for light).

I hope we get to meet, and I’m honored you’re considering JNP for your photography needs. Feel free to follow along on Instagram and Facebook, and contact me with your questions.

Have a lovely day