Hello there! I'm Jenni, the girl behind the camera. My middle name is Noel like the Christmas song... hence, the J. Noel! :) 

I graduated from UT San Antonio with a degree in Communication back in 2009, but life is funny sometimes, and here I find myself head over heels in love with photography and running a business that gives me joy every single day. Photography is not a hobby for me; it is a profession, and the way I support myself and my daughter. Sweet Pippa was born December 15, 2015, and I find she now drives every single thing that I do, in the best of ways.  

I take my job and my service to you very seriously, and I hope my passion for capturing your fleeting memories shines through that service and the examples of my work you will find here on the website (follow along over on Facebook and Instagram too!).

I have always been attracted to photos that tell a story and capture not only how you look at a given point in time, but who you are. I love to photograph families and children interacting naturally, babies in their most natural element, tender moments between couples, and real, genuine smiles. In each of my sessions, my goal is to achieve both traditional (posed) shots and also candid, more natural looking shots - your family and your love in action. It's my number one goal to capture images that YOU will be 100% happy with, so we'll work together along the way to achieve any vision you may have. Don't have a vision? That's fine too. I have plenty of my own. :) JNP is is based in Austin, TX and the surrounding areas. Hope to meet you soon! 


Why choose j. noel photography? Great question. And here's some great reasons! 

 - I am obsessed, OBSESSED with capturing your memories and your love and bottling them up in images you'll cherish forever. I'm also obsessed with providing incredible service before, during, and after our shoot. Call me OCD, call me a perfectionist, call me in love with my job - whatever you want to call me, it means your experience will be a fabulous one.

-  I know we all lead super busy lives, so I do my best to never add to your stress. The process of receiving your images is streamlined, simple, and hassle-free - meaning, no awkward sales pitches or taking more time out of your life for a post-session sales meeting. More info here on what a package includes!

-  In the case of family sessions, I will do anything, anything to make your child smile. Sometimes this is hilariously awkward for all of us.

- Sessions are extremely laid back and, dare I say, FUN! I never try to force something that doesn't seem to be happening naturally. That is how beautiful images and moments are captured. I simply allow them to unfold.

- I utilize only beautiful, ethereal natural light. Essentially, I work with available light to make you look fan-freakin-tastic. 

- I never over-process your images. Your skin won't look like plastic and your eyes won't be reminiscent of Children of the Corn. That's just a win-win for all of us.

Please visit the investment page for current pricing, the blog to view recent work, or the contact page to shoot me a note. Give us a follow on Facebook and Instagram, too, to stay in touch and receive first word on specials and announcements.  I look forward to hearing from you and helping to preserve your precious memories!