j. noel photography now offering boudoir! ~ Austin, TX boudoir photography

Hello friends of j. noel! I am so, so excited to announce I've now added boudoir photography services to my repertoire! I've gotten a couple of sessions under my belt and couldn't be more pleased with the results or more excited to offer this type of session to my clients. Want to learn a little more about boudoir? Read on!

Boudoir photography is a fabulous way to capture the beauty and the art inside and outside of every woman... capture it, freeze it, and immortalize it in a photo. Many women choose boudoir photography to give as a gift to their significant other, and others do it as a personal expression solely for themselves.  It's important to understand that boudoir photography is not about capturing the perfect female physique. It's about capturing you, for the beauty that you are. Regardless of stretch marks, those few extra pounds, or any other complaint you may have about your body. If you're excessively concerned about what you perceive to be your flaws, however, allow me to assure you that camera angles and beautiful light are forgiving, and if you'd like to take it a step further, perhaps an upcoming boudoir session would be the perfect motivation to get in your very best shape! :)

A boudoir session with me goes a little something like this:

      Step One: pay your deposit and decide on a session date and location. 
                  *My sessions are held on-location in a beautiful hotel room of your choosing.
                  Please note that you will be covering the cost of the room, so if you're looking to  
                  keep your session cost effective, you may consider getting a group of your friends together
                  and making a boudoir party out of it!

      Step Two: book your hotel room. 
                  *Some hotels offer special day rates, and others charge a full night's stay. We can explore
                  your options together when you book.

      Step Three: schedule your meet and greet. 
                  *For all boudoir photography I require a quick meet and greet over coffee or a cocktail, or
                   perhaps even at your hotel of choice while we tour rooms.  
                   This will help you feel at ease and confident on the day of our session!

      Step Four: prepare for your shoot. 
                   *Buy a couple pieces of beautiful lingerie, gather inspiration for
                   shots you'd like (optional), book a hair and makeup artist if you'd like, and get excited!
                   Never hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need a pep talk.

      Step Five: the shoot itself! 
                   *We'll meet in the lobby, grab our key, and head up to our room! If you'd
                   like your hair and makeup done professionally, we can arrange to meet a stylist in the room,
                   if you'd like, or you can have this done beforehand. I'll bring
                   champagne and some Pandora radio (don't worry, the champagne is for you - I won't
                   be drinking!), you'll get dressed for the occasion, and we'll start snapping away! I'll give        
                   you plenty of direction, and after a few minutes your nerves will fade away and we'll have  
                   FUN!  You'll receive all the best edited images (40-50+) on a disc, and you may do with
                   them what you please. Simple as that.
Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about boudoir photography with j. noel. Email me anytime for more info at jnoelphotography@gmail.com or fill out the contact form here. A bit more of my growing boudoir portfolio can be seen right over here. Happy Wednesday!