Lana's senior session at Red Bud Isle ~ Austin senior photographer

Senior photography is always something I've offered, but somehow I've managed to attract every type of photo session except seniors in the last year or so. BUT. That's about to change with the introduction of lovely Lana, who happens to be my niece-in-law and the sweetest and prettiest thing in the whole wide world. We took a quick trip to Red Bud Isle here in Austin while she was visiting from Virginia, and this gorgeous girl knocked it outta the park, no put intended! Here's a few of my favorites from her session. Happy senior year to you, Lana! So many good things ahead. :)

(and PS - if you'd like to book your high school or college senior session in time for a May 2014 graduation, there is STILL TIME! But get in touch ASAP - winter and spring sessions are already filling up!)

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