Photographing Children ~ Austin TX Family Photographer

Photographing children is one of the most difficult things and also one of the most rewarding things - many great shots are lost to movement, because (let's face it) there is just no tying down a kid under, say, 10 years old. Age 2 to 5? You better be on your A-game and have some tricks up your sleeve, because those little ones ain't stoppin' for no one. 

The image below, for example, was literally a split second capture. I didn't tell her to put her hands that way, and they were only in that position on her face for probably one second total. But I was ready with a fast shutter speed, and now have a super cute photo to show for it!

Custom portrait photography is pricey, but I like to think it's photos like these that make it oh-so-worth it. You are paying your photographer for not only his or her time at the shoot and behind the scenes, photographic education, expensive equipment and post-processing programs, and understanding of light, but also for his or her expertise and enough experience working with children to grab those fleeting seconds and bottle them up for you forever. 

Have a lovely Thursday...

Photographing Children