Summer Mini Sessions Are Here! ~ Austin TX family photographer

Summer in Texas is no joke. During the time of evening when the lighting is most ideal for photography, temps are often in the 90's and 100's and, well, no one likes to look a sweaty mess in their portraits, amiright? 

Enter: the Summer Mini Session Special.  This special will be in place from June to August 31st, and is completely perfect for family portrait sessions, children-only sessions, maternity sessions, or couple's sessions. The photo shoot length is about half that of a normal session, and will result in fewer final photos of course, but you'll receive the same J. Noel style and treatment that full session clients get. Win-win. And can I just say that summer is an absolutely gorgeous time of year for photography? Almost every evening is sunny as can be, which means lots of golden light and sun flare. I'm not HOPING we have a drought, but since it doesn't like to rain a lot here in good old Texas-in-summer, that also means that certain parts of the city have gorgeous, tall wheat fields - quite the stunning look for your photos! 

Contact me soon to reserve your summer mini session, as I will only be accepting a limited number of shoots per month. Can't wait to hear from you! 

Summer Minis.jpg