Patrick & Melody ~ One Frame ~ Austin Maternity Photographer

CHECK OUT this gorgeous couple, you guys!! And check out those rain drops in the background of this sweet shot! The sky had JUST opened up, and this was shot just moments before we hightailed it back under cover from the rain. I can't wait to share more from this stunning maternity session, but for now, a sneak peek! (more on the JNP Facebook page HERE)

This weekend I'm headed to Dallas to teach a Photography 101 class at The Hundred Event. I've never "officially" taught on photography before, and it really feels like such an honor to have been asked in the first place. I'm not thrilled about the whole public speaking aspect of it, but I find it so comforting that I'll be chatting about something I really love and have come to know, so what could go wrong? (err, besides profuse sweating and stammering, I suppose!)  ;)

Enjoy your weekend!