Photography Concentrate's Black Friday SALE!

You guys, I promise I won't try to sell you stuff very often (except my own services, of course! Ha!), but I feel it's my duty to make you aware of THIS SALE each year. I get a lot of emails from folks asking photography-related questions, especially about how to learn their cameras and take beautiful photos of their own families, and I always point them to these tutorials. Only this week, the tutorials are all 50% off! The prices are already really low and incredibly reasonable considering the amazing presentation and incredibly thorough info, so 50% is totally a steal. Don't even hesitate if you are on the fence. I went through Extremely Essential Camera Skills in about 3 hours one afternoon several years back, and I honestly see that day as the turning point for my photography. I switched my camera to manual and NEVER looked back. 

There's lots of other great tutorials available too, so aaalll your bases are covered. Get on over there and gettchu one before Friday!! Good luck!! :)