Introducing Natural Babyhood Portrait Sessions ~ Austin Baby Photographer

YOU GUYS! I have been sitting on this idea for a little while now, and seeing it come to fruition has been one of the most exciting things in my photography career so far.  Can I tell you a little more about Natural Babyhood portrait sessions? Pretty PLEASE?! 

After giving birth to my daughter, I noticed myself photographing moments and memories differently - I yearned for simplicity & authenticity in the images
I captured. Nothing trendy, nothing bold, nothing overly posed or manufactured. I yearned to freeze time and capture her little fingers and those chubby thigh rolls and that little space on the back of her neck we love to kiss. I yearned to capture her milestones & firsts, like holding her head up high during tummy time, sitting up all by herself, or peeking over the sides of her crib as she searched for me. I wanted to avoid elaborate outfits and big bows and focus on my tiny girl in all her natural perfection.  I wanted photos that would someday evoke the memories of how delightful she smelled and how impossibly soft her skin was and how those whispy little hairs on her head felt beneath my lips when I kissed them. All of these things, to me, are natural babyhood, and I want to bottle it up for my clients, too, in timeless portraiture you’ll cherish always. 

There are certain hallmarks of a Natural Babyhood session with JNP, and they are as follows:

~ lots & lots of beautiful natural light

~a neutral color palette, allowing the focus to remain on your precious child

~ in your home or mine ~ neutral bedding, white sheets, nothing competing or loud,
nothing “speaking over” your baby’s images

~stripped back, free of fuss, nothing trendy that will date your photos

~a cohesive look and feel to each session, so you can compile your favorite images into an album that beautifully captures your little one's first year of life

~evocative of the memories
& emotions
of babyhood

Can I do this for you? It would be such an honor. Check out pricing here, and please don't hesitate to contact me with questions or to book your little one!