Zara's 9 Month Babyhood Session ~ Austin TX Baby Photographer

Zara's images are such a perfect example of what JNP Babyhood sessions are all about. This little girl was just radiating sweetness, and it's this time of life that mamas and daddies will look back on with such fondness and longing for one more little squeeze of that soft chubby baby body. While it may not be in every budget to book milestone sessions at all of the 3, 6, 9, and 12 marks, I urge parents to book at least one of these ages for photos, whether with me or with another photographer. Babyhood is fleeting and these, THESE are the most precious days of our lives. <3

*Note: all clothing items shown with exception of first outfit is part of the complimentary JNP studio wardrobe available to all clients. White Honest Co diapers are also provided in sizes N-4. Please inquire about the pieces we may have in your child's size!